Travelling With STYLE To Kelantan

3-6 June 2011 Masjid Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid and JK Pemuda (Remaja Belia) IKRAM Daerah Johor Bahru Tengah hosted a special school holiday activity for form 1 to 3 students in the JBT locality. A total of 25 selected student were offered to join for a trip to Kelantan. 
Initially our plan was to travel by train, but unfortunately there was some problems with the KTM server. They said their server was offline and by the time it was online again, there weren't anymore tickets as they were fully booked. So we opted to travel by bus instead. 
We gathered at Masjid Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid on Friday night. After all the registration were completed, we packed our bags into the bus. We set out from Taman Universiti at about 9.30 PM. When we entered the PLUS Highway, we watched Shrek Forever After...haha...after finishing watching that movie, we watched The Last Airbender. 

Then we stopped at a restaurant in Segamat for half and hour. After that, went back into the bus and resumed our journey. …

A Tale Of Joy and Sorrow

After a 9 months absent, finally I've updated my blog...hahaha...

28th May was the day of mixed emotions for me...huhu...months ago, I was invited to attend my friend's wedding...Faid's wedding was on the 28th and my friends and I pakat-pakat untuk pergi sama-sama. On that day also was our school batch the afternoon, we attended Faid's wedding, and at night we went for the reunion...
Qayyum picked us up at about 11 AM. First he picked up Taufik, then me, then Afif and lastly Arif. The five of us went to Larkin to check out the place where our reunion dinner will be held. It was at JB Catering, next to Stadium Larkin. We went to look for something to drink at the Pasar Tani nearby. I bought a cup of Cincau drink for RM 1. Then the owner offered free drinks to the guys as he was closing the stall anyway...haha...they got free drinks while I had to pay RM 1! Haha...but then he too offered me a free refill...hahaha....the guys said, "Haaa...dah tau dah por…


It's been a long time since I wrote anything in this blog...the last time I wrote was like 2 months ago...haha...since then, didn't write any long well, here I plan to write all the things (well, almost all...) that happened...the 1st thing I wanna write is about our weekend in Kelantan. Me, Ayah, Mak, Kakngah, Aimi, Aida and Nenek went to Kelantan on 30 July 2010...Kaklong was back in Malaysia to attend Syurahbil's wedding...but she was just staying in Kelantan, tak sempat nak balik like Ayah said, "She can't come to Johor, so we'll bring Johor to her!" Hahaha....
On the 29th July, Mak and I went to KL to pick up Nenek and Aimi. But before that, we stopped by Kampung to pick up some rambutans....hehe...dekat 2 plastik we all kutip...hoho...juicy rambutans...after that, we went and picked up Aimi and went to Nenek's house in TTDI. Spent the night there, after Subuh we made our way to KLIA...Ayah was in Melaka attending a meeting a…

The Wait is Finally Over!


New World Champions



If you're a fan of The Lord Of The Rings and JRR Tolkien, you gotta watch these! Awesome!


most of you all know, I was involved in a car accident last week. Don't feel like writing the whole story though...but here are some images of the damages to the car.