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Breaking In

Last Saturday (20-6-2009), our house was broken in by two men (me and Ayah...hehe). The story goes like this. After maghrib, Ayah and I planned to eat our dinner outside since Mak, Kakngah and Aida went to KL. So, after maghrib at around 8.00 pm, we were both ready to go and Ayah was already in the car. Before I closed and locked the house door, I asked, "Ayah, kunci rumah dah ada ke?"....and Ayah said yes. So I didn't bring my set of keys as Ayah had brought his.

Just after I closed the door, suddenly Ayah showed me the keys he brought and asked me if they were mine. I said no. Then at that point we realised that we took the wrong keys! Oh man....huhu.. Then we got out from the car and try to open the door using the keys...As we both feared, it cannot be opened....then Ayah said, "Takpelah, kita pergi makan dulu. Lepas makan nanti kita fikir apa nak buat".

We ate the usual at Che Mek, nasi putih with the usual lauk...ikan siakap masak kicap, udang masak kunyit a…

Former family member

The other day, I was on my way home from work then suddenly I saw a familiar sight...hehe...It was our old van...Perodua Rusa...!!! The red and silver coloured van. It was like that because a bus hit it and we had to repaint the lower part silver. Initially it was all red. kinda excited. Quickly I took a picture of it and here it is...tadaaa!!! Didn't had the chance to see the driver though. Still remember it? I do. So many memories were made with this van...hehe...the van was sold in 2004...