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Holiday...sort of

It's been a week now since my last exam paper (19/11/2007)...which was Programming Techniques 1. Pening gak kepala nak tulis-tulis program tu...ape lagi, hentam saje lah..hehehe. Well, after that paper, I went to and played FIFA 07 with my friend, Asyraf...hohoho, sengit we all men..hehehe. Then, after Zuhur I've got to go back to UTM coz there's a taklimat about course majoring and for me, it was a total waste of time coz at the end of the taklimat, the lecturer said that we 1st years cannot change our courses and if we want to do that, we have to see the Dekan Akademik...then why the heck did we have to attend the taklimat anyway huh?? 2 hours, gone like that...!!

Then I played futsal with my's the 1st time I played for about 2 months...huhuhuhu. I think I have to buy a new pair of shoes now coz my current shoe dah koyak...!! Huhuhu...jasa kasutku kan ku kenang sampai bile-bile..hahaha. Cuti semester ni agak bosan la...coz all I did was stayed at home...well, sometimes I went to play with my friends at Pulse Simulator...hehehe...Battlefield man...

Then, last Sunday on the 25th of November 2007, my family and I went jalan-jalan kat Kuala Lumpur. We stayed for a week there. Actually, my dad ade bengkel ape the meantime, kitorang pon pegi la jenjalan..we went to Times Square, pegi!! Well, the movie wasn't actually that great, it's the 3D that we were all looking forward to...hehehe. Then, we went to Plaza Low Yat coz Mak wants to survey her handphone. She wants to buy a PDA type of handphone, you know the one with the pen and lah, tengah banyak duit la katakan..hehehe. Then we went to GSC and watched Bee!!! Other than that, we went to Zoo was my 2nd time there...the last time I went there was with Mak Suma, my aunt. Thursday night, we went to see Enchanted...BEST..!!!! Lawak giler cerita tuh! Hahahaha...Oh, and then we went to Menara Kuala Lumpur...hehehe

On Friday we went to Melaka...balik kampung kejap and gotong-royong..potong rumput and all...then on Sunday, we went back to Johor...I drived all the way from KL to Melaka and from Melaka to Johor. Fuh, penat...hehehehe..

Exam Week

It's been a while since I edited this all know why?? It's because I don't have any idea what to write...hahahaha. One more thing, I was kinda it's Exam Week but I only got 1 more paper left...and then YAHOO!!!! I can play futsal...!!! I haven't played futsal for about 2 months and my feet are itching...hahaha.

Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn. Bhd.

On 30th August 2007, I went to Shah Alam cause my faculty ada buat lawatan industri. Well, my group visited Kumpulan Karangkraf at Shah Alam. At first, I didn't quite know what this company sells. I thought it was a company of arts and entah la, anthing to do with art. Rupa-rupanya ni syarikat majalah...!! Baru tau seh...sengal betol, hehehe =P. So, Encik Hashim (he was the one in charge kat cawangan Shah Alam ni...) showed us around the buliding and he said that this buliding was once owned by a handphone company. They bought the building about 8 years ago...

Encik Hashim then brought us to the place where they published and printed their magazines and the place smells awfull, biasalah kan kat kilang mesti la bau semacam. Encik Hashim also said that they can print about 4000 copies of magazines in 1 day...!! waaa, banyak tu..!! But he said that the first 1000 copies will be rejected because it's always not perfect for the first 1000. Well, it was quite an interesting day for me but takde la best sangat...biasa-biasa je. Before going back to Johor, we all got some free copies of their magazines....hahahaha tapi semua bulan Julai punya isu...NONA je bulan Ogos...hehehehe... But still, it's FREE...!! Amek je la..!! Tapi, balik ni kena buat report pasal lawatan ni...!! AARRGGHH...!! Leceh betol la...ok, chow... =)

:: On the way to Shah Alam...hehehe =) ::

:: Now we're in the meeting room.... ::

:: Hmmm....this is their printing machine ::

:: This is what it looks like when all were printed ::

:: Some of my coursemates ::

Mukhayyam Form 4 SMIH

On the 17th untill the 19th of August 2007, I went to Gunung Belumut for the Mukhayyam Form 4 SMIH. I was one of the fasilitators for that event. Besides me, my friend Qayyum also joined in. Well, at least there's something that I can do during this mid-semester break...takde la duduk rumah je kan? Bosan juga asyik duduk rumah tak buat apa-apa...So on that day, I was kinda excited cause it's been a while since I went camping. Dah la jadi fasi, lagi la best sebab takyah nak kena ikut rules semua tu...hehehe...

Well, back to the story...Ustazah Muhaini said that the bus will start moving at around 2.45 pm and we had to be at school at around 2.30 pm...well, solat jumaat habis dalam pukul 2.00 pm rite? So, no worries there...BUT, bas tu bertolak pukul 3.30 pm...!! I don't know what was the problem but I think ada budak belum sampai...So, we all have to wait for that kid. Then, the bus started moving at around 3.30 pm and we arrived at Gunung Belumut at 5.30 pm...I've went to Gunung Belumut once and that was when I was in Form 2, about 5 years ago..!! Wow, how time flies..! I went there in 2002 with my friends for "rehlah" and hahahaha it was an unforgetable experience...kelakar betol..!

So, that day, my job was to be like a ladder...this is because I had to hold Naim on my shoulders so that he can set up the lights around the campsite...well, at first it kinda hurt but later I just can't feel my shoulders, it was numb I think...hahahaha...I got used to it though. But I was kinda relieved when he had set up all the lights cause my shoulders hurt very badly. Later that night, the 1st program was underway. Apa orang selalu kata, "Night Walk" rite? was fun actually sebab budak-budak semua kena tutup mata ngan kain hitam and at that time, it was totally dark because we turned off the generator so that the surroundings became pitch black so that nobody could see a thing except us the fasilitators of course...we were allowed to bring flash lights...So, the leader of each group had to hold this stick which is called "Kayu Khalifah", and all the fasilitators had to guide them and bawak diorang jalan-jalan and make it as though diorang jalan jauh, padalah tak pergi jauh mana pun....takat kat campsite tu dengan kat main enterance....So, I brought them and finally, I stopped them at one place and we had to break them free so that there are alone and not in groups...kitorang kena pecah-pecahkan diorang. Well, some groups are kinda easy to break but there are about two groups that's kinda hard to break them. They hold firmly to their friends and I was kinda tired to break them up. Kelakar tu ada la jugak...When all was over and they went back to the campsite, I asked them did they had any idea where they were taken? Hahahaha...some of them doesn't even have a clue..! But some of them guessed it right..! Tu pun sebab Ustaz Rahim terlepas cakap..! Hahahaha...It was fun though but I was also tired that night...we all slept soundly that night...Zzzzzz...!! Kroooh..!! Krooh..!!

:: Me and Qayyum...hehehe ::

:: Can you find me? I'm being the "ladder"::

:: This is their campsite ::

The next day gotta to be the most exciting day cause we're all gonna climb the mountain...but I wasn't quite fit though...The last time I climbed a mountain was Gunung Janing Barat at Endau-Rompin during my Form 5 Mukhayyam and that was about 2 years ago..!! But I think I can handle it now...hehehe...Then I looked up in the sky and I thought that it might be raining soon...the sky was kinda cloudy...Then, bila diorang semua dah berkumpul dalam kumpulan masing-masing, the rain started to fall..!! that time, I was afraid that the ranger wouldn't let us continue, but we went for it eventhough it was raining heavily...Thank God I brought my rain coat along...! So, we were soaked all the way up the mountain and it was a bit slippery, wait...not a bit, I mean VERY slippery and wet...All my clothes, my shoe were soaking wet...even my handphone and wallet..!! And why the heck did I brought them along? Gila apa? Nasib baik tak rosak..!! Then about 2-3 hours, we arrived at the 1st checkpoint...!! Well, we weren't that tired cause it was raining and there's less's like exercising and taking a shower at the same time..! Hahahaha....

Then, suddenly Naim came running towards us. His face looks very worried and dia terus panggil Ustaz Rahim. All the fasilitators gathered and hear what Naim had to say. He said, "Ustaz, khemah kita hancur..!! Kena hanyut ngan air sungai..!! Barang-barang semua bersepah-sepah...". After hearing this, Ustaz Rahim then called the the boys and girls leader called the "Penghulu" and "Penghuluwati". He told everything to them about what happened to our campsite and asked all of them what to do...nak teruskan perjalanan ke nak patah balik selamatkan khemah..!! (Hehehe...actually takde pape pon terjadi....saje je nak tengok apa diorang akan buat). So, it took them about half an hour to decide what to do. Finally, after discussing, they decided to continue the journey but 2 people from each group had to go back down. My sister, Aimi, was one of them to go back down and I noticed that she was not very happy about it...mestilah sedih..! I would also be sad if it was me...! Semua orang dapat daki gunung, kita pulak terpaksa turun balik bawah..! Huhuhu...Then, when they were about to move, suddenly Qayyum came rushing towards us and said to Ustaz Rahim that our campsite is okay...ada orang tolong...!! Hehehe...yeah right...! We all had planned that too...! Then Ustaz Rahim said asked whether yang nak turun tu betul nak turun or nak terus naik? They all said: "NAIK..!! NAIK..!!" Hehehe...lega gila diorang takyah turun..!! Hehehe...So, up and up we go and then I noticed something, hey it stopped raining! Tapi still licin la...hahaha. Then about 2-3 hours later, sampai dekat checkpoint 2...apa nama tempat tu...erm, Batu Kerang kalau tak silap sebab kat situ ada batu besar ni bentuk dia macam kerang! Lawa jugak, sayang tak bawak kamera...huhuhu. Time tu dah penat giler...puncak belum sampai lagi! Abang "Ranger" tu kata kalau nak sampai puncak lagi 2-3 jam sampai la...WHAT!!!?? Lama lagi ke? Kaki dah sengal-sengal...but unfortunately, masa dah suntuk (Ustaz cakap la...), so diorang decide takat ni je now semua turun balik ke campsite...hahahaha.

On the way back down, I felt that macam lagi banyak ambil masa turun dari naik. Eventhough turun tak sepenat naik tapi rasa macam, pehal tak sampai-sampai lagi ni?? Lama giler! Jalan punya jalan, FINALLY sampai juga ke campsite...I went straight to lie down kat dewan tu...penat giler tau tak!!? Then, Ustaz Rahim came. Dia baru je habis mandi...pergh! Best giler! Ustaz Rahim and I then ate lunch and he said: "Lepas ni Ustaz nak tido puas-puas!"...Hahaha and after solat he went straight into his tent and I never saw him again that evening...So, lepas makan I didn't know what to do and I wondered where the heck are the others? Then I heard some noise down by the river...Laaaa...diorang semua kat sungai rupanya!! Ustaz Kamarul, Qayyum, Naim, Aslam dengan syabab-syabab Form 4. Diorang ada "Latihan Menyelamat" kat sungai...but what I saw is that diorang lagi banyak mandi sungai...hahahaha. So, apa lagi? I went straight into the river!!! Lama tak mandi sungai..!!

:: Checkpoint's still raining ::

:: We're half way there...!!! yeah right...!!! ::

:: Checkpoint 2, Batu Kerang ::

That night ada lagi program malam. Lepas solat jamak Maghrib-Isyak Ustazah Muhaini buat presentation pasal apa entah sebab I was busy making tea and coffee for ourselves. After that, all the fasilitators buat meeting kejap pasal program lepas ni...ada main game sikit. After Ustazah Muahaini had finished, budak-budak semua took a break...kasi la rehat sikit...After resting for about 10 minutes, diorang semua kena kumpul balik dalam kumpulan. We played 3 games that night. The 1st one was that the leader of each group must stand at one place and their team members had to find them and they were all blindfolded. The leaders cannot speak but had to use their own creativity so that their team members could find them. The 2nd game was "Telefon Rosak", each group had to stand in one line and the person in front will be given a text and they must memorise it in 1 minute and after that, they must say it to the person behind them and so on. Orang yang duduk belakang sekali kena tulis apa yang dia dengar dari orang yang depan dia...hahahaha macam-macam diorang tulis....kelakar gila time baca balik...! Game last yang diorang main kena transfer belon dengan dagu...hahaha...tapi ada satu group tu laju je...macam memang dah pro... After all had finished, semua dah boleh pergi tidur...tengok muka diorang semua dah penat...

The following day, semua budak-budak kena kemas khemah and start packing. Diorang pagi tu ada sesi hafazan dan nanti Ustaz Rahim akan tasmid diorang. Well, Qayyum, Naim and me went down by the river. Apa lagi, mandi la...hahaha. The water was sooooo cold man and jernih pulak tu...! After about half and hour, Naim said that he was freezing...dia pun naik la pergi tukar baju while Qayyum and I sambung mandi....lama jugak kitorang berdua mandi. Tau-tau je dah nak sesi penutup...hahahaha. Ustazah Kamaliah pun datang nak rasmikan majlis penutup tu... About 1.00 pm we all semua start naik bas and balik...!! Well, all I can say is that I had a wonderful time during the mukhayyam but I can't quite tell if I'm willing to go to another mukhayyam after this...hehehehe... =P