Holiday...sort of

It's been a week now since my last exam paper (19/11/2007)...which was Programming Techniques 1. Pening gak kepala nak tulis-tulis program tu...ape lagi, hentam saje lah..hehehe. Well, after that paper, I went to and played FIFA 07 with my friend, Asyraf...hohoho, sengit we all men..hehehe. Then, after Zuhur I've got to go back to UTM coz there's a taklimat about course majoring and for me, it was a total waste of time coz at the end of the taklimat, the lecturer said that we 1st years cannot change our courses and if we want to do that, we have to see the Dekan Akademik...then why the heck did we have to attend the taklimat anyway huh?? 2 hours, gone like that...!!

Then I played futsal with my's the 1st time I played for about 2 months...huhuhuhu. I think I have to buy a new pair of shoes now coz my current shoe dah koyak...!! Huhuhu...jasa kasutku kan ku kenang sampai bile-bile..hahaha. Cuti semester ni agak bosan la...coz all I did was stayed at home...well, sometimes I went to play with my friends at Pulse Simulator...hehehe...Battlefield man...

Then, last Sunday on the 25th of November 2007, my family and I went jalan-jalan kat Kuala Lumpur. We stayed for a week there. Actually, my dad ade bengkel ape the meantime, kitorang pon pegi la jenjalan..we went to Times Square, pegi!! Well, the movie wasn't actually that great, it's the 3D that we were all looking forward to...hehehe. Then, we went to Plaza Low Yat coz Mak wants to survey her handphone. She wants to buy a PDA type of handphone, you know the one with the pen and lah, tengah banyak duit la katakan..hehehe. Then we went to GSC and watched Bee!!! Other than that, we went to Zoo was my 2nd time there...the last time I went there was with Mak Suma, my aunt. Thursday night, we went to see Enchanted...BEST..!!!! Lawak giler cerita tuh! Hahahaha...Oh, and then we went to Menara Kuala Lumpur...hehehe

On Friday we went to Melaka...balik kampung kejap and gotong-royong..potong rumput and all...then on Sunday, we went back to Johor...I drived all the way from KL to Melaka and from Melaka to Johor. Fuh, penat...hehehehe..


'Umayr SRA said…
Hahaha! Kelakor kan derang... Tak bagi tukor kos, tapi still kene datang taklimat. Patut bagi taklimat spesifik untuk kos terus la. Baru tak bazir 2 jam.
+batumulia+ said…
derg tuh mmg sengal...saje nk bazerkn masa nta kot...kalo x, leh men fifa lama sket...hahaha..leh ana kalahkn nta byk kali...hahaha...rajen2 r apdet...

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