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Travelling With STYLE To Kelantan

3-6 June 2011 Masjid Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid and JK Pemuda (Remaja Belia) IKRAM Daerah Johor Bahru Tengah hosted a special school holiday activity for form 1 to 3 students in the JBT locality. A total of 25 selected student were offered to join for a trip to Kelantan. 

Initially our plan was to travel by train, but unfortunately there was some problems with the KTM server. They said their server was offline and by the time it was online again, there weren't anymore tickets as they were fully booked. So we opted to travel by bus instead. 

We gathered at Masjid Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid on Friday night. After all the registration were completed, we packed our bags into the bus. We set out from Taman Universiti at about 9.30 PM. When we entered the PLUS Highway, we watched Shrek Forever After...haha...after finishing watching that movie, we watched The Last Airbender. 

Participants of Travelling With STYLE
The bus we used, nice bus but terrible drivers
Checking to make sure all the participants were in the bus

Then we stopped at a restaurant in Segamat for half and hour. After that, went back into the bus and resumed our journey. Usually, when my family travel to Kelantan, Jalan Tun Razak is the most boring part of the advice, if you want to sleep, don't sleep until you've reached Jalan Tun Razak...haha...if you cannot sleep, do something else like listening to music, read a book or watch a movie....haha....

After finishing The Last Airbender, I slept and woke up when the bus stopped at a gas station. Then we resumed our journey and slept until Subuh time. We stopped at a mosque in Ajil. Prayed Subuh there and read the Mathurat together and at about 7.00 AM, we continued to Kota Bharu. Before that, each person were given a number representing the Juz we have to finish reading before we go back to Johor. For example, if you got the number 10, that means you have to finish reading the Juz 10 from the Quran.

Arif explaining about the Mathurat
Reading the Mathurat together
The mosque in Ajil we stopped for Subuh
Reading the Quran in the bus
At about 10.00 PM we arrived in Pasir Puteh to have some breakfast. After breakfast, we made our way to Wakaf Che Yeh to check in our hotel. But when we got there, we have to wait as the rooms weren't yet available. The current occupants haven't checked out yet so we have to wait until they do. But when they checked out, we have to wait for the cleaners to clean the room. We waited for more than one hour. By the time we got our rooms, it was like 12.30 PM. Not only that, our bus drivers suddenly demanded a room for them!!! I was like, WHAATT??? We already consulted your boss before this and asked whether we have to provide the drivers a room. The boss said, "Tak payah...nanti diorang pandai-pandai la cari". But now, they demanded from us a room of they own??? We offered to share the room with the facilitators but they were quite reluctant. After freshening up, at 1.00 PM, we went to for lunch at Restoran Nasi Ulam Kampung Kraftangan in Kota Bharu. Our friends from IKRAM Kelantan brought us there.

Restoran Nasi Ulam Kampung Kraftangan, KB
Some of the girls enjoying their lunch
My favourite lauk...haha....
Some of the boys eating lunch
After lunch, we went straight to Sekolah Rendah Islam Aman for some activity with IKRAM Kelantan. We want the participants to get to know other students and teens from Kelantan. Firstly, the facilitators from Kelantan and Johor introduced ourselves and then we separated the boys and the girls. Played some games. At about 6.30 PM, we went back to our hotel.

SRI Aman, Kelantan
A little introduction session with IKRAM Kelantan
Played some games but I don't quite remember what they had to do in this one....haha
Looked like they enjoyed themselves...hehe
In front of SRI Aman signboard
Took some pictures before heading back to the hotel

Before arriving, we asked the drivers if tomorrow morning at about 5.00 AM we can pray Subuh at Masjid Tok Guru in Pulau Melaka. The driver replied, "Bilik dah la takde, pastu nak suruh kita bawak pergi sana-sini...semua nak cakap last minit". WHAATT??? Kepala otak kau la...dah tu keje engko, bawa kita mana kita nak pergi. We've paid you RM3000 in cash ok!!! Stupid drivers! Cakap je la yang engko malas nak bangun pagi-pagi! What the hell laaa...then we said at 8.30 PM that night we will be going to my grandparent's house in Kg. Salor for a BBQ. I remembered we informed them before coming off the bus. When we called their boss and complained about the drivers, the drivers called us and said, "Kenapa awak call bos saya?? Habis saya kena marah dengan bos!" Weh, padan muka engko la kena marah dengan bos engko, sape suruh buat perangai macam haram??!!

After that, we had a little meeting with the AJKs and decided that tomorrow's plan to pray Subuh at Masjid Tok Guru had to be canceled due to the driver's attitude. They complained that they haven't got a place to rest. So we said to them, fine..tomorrow at 9.00 AM we check out from the hotel and go to Kota Bharu for shopping and sight seeing. They agreed (of course the agreed! they can rest longer!!!).

After praying Maghrib...Arif, Aslam, Zharfan and I decided to give our room to the drivers...tak sanggup kitorang nak share bilik dengan driver tak guna tu....when I gave the room key to one of the driver, he just nodded...not even saying a simple thank you!!! Then asked me, how were they going to get the bus out from the parking because the bus was blocked by cars in front and at the back. Then he blamed us. He said, "Kalau awak beritahu awal-awal yang awak nak keluar malam ni, dah lama saya parking luar...". Oii!!! We told you we were going out that evening!!! Are you deaf or something??? But alhamdulillah they got the bus out eventually. But that caused a traffic jam. So we made our way to Kg. Salor for the BBQ. Tok Ayah prepared food for 60 people...OMG! Haha...

Kak Siti mending the burgers
Syazwan and Salam helping out

Ngam!! Best tak Arif baham ayam tu? Haha~

During the BBQ, Dr Hafizah called the drivers and asked them what seems to be the problem. I dunno what she told them but after that, our plan to pray Subuh at the masjid was back. She said the drivers agreed to drive us to Masjid Tok Guru the next morning. Haha! Take that! Dah kena sound baru nak buat! But personally, I think the drivers takkan terima punya teguran dari Dr Hafizah tu....mesti buat bodoh je...depan orang dewasa dia berlakon baik la konon....podah!

Then about 11.00 PM we head back to the hotel...we were quite tired. When we reached the hotel, some of us wanted to go to the pasar malam next to our hotel. I wanted to compare the prices here and at Rantau Panjang. But obviously it is more cheaper at Rantau Panjang. After about half and hour, Arif and I went back to the hotel. We now shared rooms with the kids. Actually, it's quite okay sharing rooms with them, we can bond with each other you know. Biarlah orang driver tu guna bilik tu. Eventhough the room was packed, we still slept soundly. Penat la katakan...hahaha...

The next morning, I woke up at 5.00 AM. I knocked on the driver's door to wake them up. But there was no answer. I knocked again for a second time. Still no answer. Third time, no answer. At about 5.30 AM, suddenly the bus came and parked in front of the hotel. Apparently, the drivers went out or stayed in their bus instead in their room! What the heck??? Kalau macam tu baik kasi we all je stay dalam bilik tu. Tak guna!

We had to change our plan from praying at Masjid Tok Guru to Masjid Sultan Ismail Petra in Kubang Kerian instead because when we estimated the time, we wouldn't make it in time to pray jemaah at Masjid Tok Guru. After prayer, at about 7.00 AM, we went to Pulau Melaka. Tak dapat Subuh dekat Masjid Tok Guru pun takpe, at least pergi melawat pun ok. There was the residence of Kelantan's Menteri Besar, Tok Guru Nik Aziz. Waaaa...jakun kejap...hehe...his formal house is in Kota Bharu but he doesn't live there. He lives in his simple home at Pulau Melaka. The area of his house was the Masjid Tok Guru, a pre-school, a secondary school and Maahad Darul Anuar. We prayed Dhuha in the mosque. It's just a simple mosque, no fancy designs, but you can feel peace when you walked into it. We took pictures in front of Nik Aziz's house. He was not at home at that time because he had a state government meeting or something in Kota Bharu. Wah, could you image if he was at home, surely he would invite us in and maybe have a cup of tea and some breakfast...that would be awesome! Hehe...

At Masjid Sultan Ismail Petra, Kubang Kerian
In front of Tok Guru Nik Aziz's house
The minaret of the Masjid Tok Guru
Side view of the mosque
Full view of the mosque from the front...nice pic by the way [by Aslam]
In front of Maahad Darul Anuar

After that, we headed back to the hotel, had breakfast, got ready to check out. At about 10.00 AM, we checked out from the hotel and headed to Kota Bharu. First stop, the famous Pasar Khadijah. Aslam and I were bored because you only go to Pasar Khadijah to buy things like veggies, spices, serunding, and all kitchen stuffs...haha...besides, it was so hot in Aslam and I went to Kota Bharu Trade Centre for the air-cond....hahahaha! Then we headed to Rantau Panjang! Oh yeah!! The best place to buy football jersey...haha...bersepah-sepah and murah-murah semuanya...after spending about 1 hour and a half there, we got into the bus and head back to Johor. We stopped for dinner in Terengganu. To save time, we didn't order the food according to who wants what but instead we ordered nasi goreng paprik and nasi goreng kampung altogether.

Waiting for our hungry at that time...Aslam's so hungry, he even ate the tissue box...HAHAHA!
Nasi goreng paprik~

After dinner, we continued our journey back home. The ride home was a bumpy ride compared to the time we were on the way to Kelantan. Why? Because when we were on the way to Kelantan, the boys sat in front while the girls sat at the back. On the way back, we switched places. Girls in front, boys at the we know how the girls time, I was literally flew out of my seat! Haha... the driver also drove quite fast...but maybe it was because I sat at the end of the bus, maybe that's why. Huhu.

We stopped for Subuh at Ayer Hitam Tol. When I got up from my seat, suddenly I felt this agonizing pain coming from my back...huhu...I have a back ache for sitting awkwardly. We arrived in Taman Universiti at about 7.45 AM...we estimated to arrive at around 8.00 AM so right timing. Went back home and slept almost the whole day....hahaha.... that night, Qayyum and Taufik invited me to play badminton at UTM....jom! Hehehe....

A Tale Of Joy and Sorrow

After a 9 months absent, finally I've updated my blog...hahaha...

28th May was the day of mixed emotions for me...huhu...months ago, I was invited to attend my friend's wedding...Faid's wedding was on the 28th and my friends and I pakat-pakat untuk pergi sama-sama. On that day also was our school batch the afternoon, we attended Faid's wedding, and at night we went for the reunion...

Qayyum picked us up at about 11 AM. First he picked up Taufik, then me, then Afif and lastly Arif. The five of us went to Larkin to check out the place where our reunion dinner will be held. It was at JB Catering, next to Stadium Larkin. We went to look for something to drink at the Pasar Tani nearby. I bought a cup of Cincau drink for RM 1. Then the owner offered free drinks to the guys as he was closing the stall anyway...haha...they got free drinks while I had to pay RM 1! Haha...but then he too offered me a free refill...hahaha....the guys said, "Haaa...dah tau dah port mana best...pasni datang time-time macam ni ah...dapat air free...hahaha". Then we went to Faid's wedding at Sangkar Kristal, Pelangi Golf Driving Range in JB. At first, we don't quite know the location but after driving here and there, finally we got there. We went up, looked for an empty table and sat. Afif and I went to get the food first while the others stayed at the table. They had 2 types of servings. First was the traditional nasi beriyani with chicken and mutton and the second was nasi serai with ayam masak rempah and sotong...I couldn't make up my mind which to take, so i took both! Hahaha....first I ate the nasi rempah, then for the second round, I ate the nasi beriyani...hehehe...we stayed there until the brides arrived...met Hadi...haven't seen him for a long time, about 7 years I guess.

After we took pictures with the brides, the five of us planned to see Kung Fu Panda 2 3D at Jusco Tebrau to kill some time while waiting to go to our reunion that night. When we got there, there was this long line of people queuing to buy tickets. The movie starts at 5.35 pm and we took turns lining up while going to pray Asar. By the time we got to the ticket counter, we were informed that there were just 3 tickets remaining...oh man... So, we decided not to watch the movie or any other movie so we went bowling instead...haha...played 2 games...first game I finished 4th...second game I got 2nd place...haha...I started the second game quite three strikes in a row! haha...sebelum ni nak dapat satu strike pon susah! this time I got three in row! I was on fire! haha...but alas, at the middle, I lost focus and on a couple of times rolled the ball into the that gave Taufik a chance to reduce the deficit and claimed first place...wahaha...but ok what, I improved from 4th place to 2nd place...hehe...not bad for a rookie...

Then we prayed Maghrib at Larkin Bus Station...on the way to the masjid, we met with Hafizuddin...OMG! haven't seen him in 10 years! He drove all the way from Ipoh just to attend our first, I didn't quite recognize him, but after a while, the image of his face from 10 years ago popped into my head. Eventhough we knew him for just 1 year at school, but instantly we clicked...that is the beauty of ukhuwah of Islam...

After Maghrib, we made our way to JB Catering. Met Asyraf...alhamdulilllah he made it to our reunion...why you asked? well, that's another story...haha... So, when we arrived, there were just about the 10 of us. While waiting for others to arrive, we sat down. After about 9.10 PM, we started to eat and my God there was a lot of was a buffet...oh yeah!!!! the RM 50 we paid was really worth it...haha! There was mee kari, roti jala, chicken, many types of beef, bbq, mutton stew and much more! wow! There was also cake! yummy! After eating, there was some activity...just a simple one...each person got a number then randomly picked a question from a bag and you have to answer it...

After that, we took some pictures and chatted here and there...biasa lah...dah lama tak jumpa...macam-macam la borak At about 11 PM, we parted...I was feeling kinda sad that our reunion had to end...the feeling was great seeing all my friends reminded me of our time together back in school....sigh~ I really missed my friends, pity not everyone can come...if we could gather all of them, that would be amazing! maybe next time...insyaAllah...

That night also was the UEFA Champions League Final. Barcelona vs Manchester United. Asyraf, Afif, Taufik and I pakat-pakat nak tengok sama-sama....but first we had to lead Hafizuddin back to the highway as he was going back to Ipoh. Then we sent Hafidz back home in BBU. Nice to see him again. After that we made our way to Setia Tropika to watch the game. But it was still early though. The game starts at 2.45 AM and we were there at 12.30 what to do? Memula ingat nak pergi CC ke, boleh online kejap. Tapi fikir juga, kalau datang balik pukul 2 nanti mesti semua tempat dah full. So we asked whether we can reserve a table. I think the mamak didn't understand us so we decided to stay there until the game starts. I was very nervous for the game to start. I knew Barcelona are a very, very, very good team and Man Utd doesn't stand a chance...but it's not wrong to hope for a miracle. Anything can happen and I had a good feeling that maybe, just maybe Man Utd can just nick it with a 1-0 win. But if Barca scored first, then it's difficult for Man Utd to come back and win.

Then, kick off! The place was packed with people. Man Utd fans, Barca fans, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea fans who don't want Man Utd to win...for the first 10 to 15 minutes, Man Utd played quite well...but after Barca got their game going, they attacked here and there, they dominated possesion and they got a couple of chances to score. Then Pedro scored and gave Barca a 1-0 lead. Then out of no where, Rooney equalized and that gave me a glimmer of hope. The half-time score was 1-1...well, not bad. Then 2nd half started, Barca resumed their dominance in midfield and was rewarded...Messi scored the 2nd for Barca and I said to myself, this could be game over because I can't see anyway back. They totally bullied Man Utd if I should say. More than 60% of ball possession. But when David Villa scored the 3rd, it was totally game score 3-1 to Barcelona...Barcelona were brilliant, absolutely brilliant. No team in the world can beat this Barcelona team, they are worthy champions. But then again, Man Utd contested in the final for the third time in 4's better to lose in a final than not being in the final at all...and I can't accept certain people who said that "If you lose in a final, it's like you weren't playing in the final at all". I mean COME ON! What kind of thinking is that! The important thing is the effort you showed, win or lose is another thing. Winning and losing is part of the CAN'T win everything...sometimes you fail and sometimes you succeed...that's life!

So, I was feeling rather down and disappointed that we lost. But there's always next season.... a day of mixed emotions, happy, joy and sad and disappointed...28 May 2011, a day to remember and forget...hahaha!

Congratulations FC Barcelona, European Champions for the 4th time