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I'm very frustrated and down in the dumps right now....


Relax and Enjoy

Today I had a great day with my family. We started at home at 10.52 AM. We planned to eat breakfast at our usual favourite place, Restoran Lokman in Sri Skudai where they make the best Milo Ais in the world...! Unfortunately, it was still closed due to the holidays....sob3... But instead, we ate BK for our breakfast...hehehe....Double Mushroom Swiss, thank you!

We then went and try the new Senai-Desaru highway. Long story short, we went to Teluk Remunia. I've been there twice before this. First was in 2008 during the G7 Rehlah and the second was last year during PaLs Rehlah. After that, we went to Batu Layar, then Desaru. We "checked in" a resort there...hahaha.... We walked along the beach and breathe the fresh air that is very hard to get these days especially if you live in busy neighborhoods like Taman U which by the way is getting very crowded....It took me like 15 minutes just to go to Jusco which usually takes me just 5 minutes. Very stressful you know. So many cars, so many people. By the way, I think the name "Taman" is not very suitable now for Taman Universiti, more like a Bandar Universiti.

So now, we walked along the beach which is very calm and peaceful. Just hear the waves and feel the wind blow on your face. Very relaxing and soothing...aaahhh.... That is why one day I would love to have a house near the beach where every morning when I wake up, I can see the sea and have fresh air. But then people will say it's dangerous to live by the sea because there could be a Tsunami or whatever....well, I don't care. I love it and that's that....hehe....

After that, we headed home and stopped by Kota Tinggi to eat and Aimi and I had to wait and wait and wait to have our orders arrived. I ordered nasi goreng cina while Aimi ordered nasi goreng ayam. The rest of them had already finished eating but still our hasn't arrived yet. I said, "Ni sah la ni lupa nak masak ni...". So Ayah called the waiter and asked about our orders and I was right, they forgot! Then finally our food arrived 5 minutes later. BUT there's a slight problem, they gave us the wrong food! I got nasi goreng cendawan and Aimi got nasi goreng paprik! But we were tired of waiting, we just ate them...hahaha....didn't care much now, just eat.

We arrived home at about 9.00 PM and we were quite exhausted but I cannot sleep yet because if sleep now, I'm gonna miss the AC Milan vs Man Utd game...hehehe....

Padan Muka

I just found out recently that the shop that I decided to boycott is now out of business!!! Hahaha...padan muka!!! Amek ko!!! To those that have no idea what I'm talking about, please read it here..... 

I was driving at Taman U the other day, and I glanced to that shop and saw that the signboard was replaced. Hahaha....and ever since I boycotted them, I always hoped that it will close soon...hahaha...well my wish came true! 

I think I'm gonna check out the new shop and make an impression of it....hehe....warning to other shops, don't make me hate your shop or your services.....or you will be next! Muahahaha!!!!

Glee!!! You must watch it..!!! Watched it on Star World...but currently downloading from 1st episode....hehe... If you want to know what this story is all about, just click here.