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Man Utd Asia Tour 2009

18 July 2009, I went to Bukit Jalil Stadium to watch the match between Malaysia XI and Manchester United (Champions!!!). I was soooo excited as this was my first time ever in a stadium and nothing can get much better than this, watching my favourite team playing! Manchester United of course!

But before that, let me tell you what happened before this. About two months ago, I got the news that Man Utd will come to Malaysia to play a friendly match with Malaysia. That time I had not even thought of going because I know the ticket will be expensive and I don't have the money to buy one. Then my friend Shariff called me and told me that he had bought a ticket and asked me to buy one too. I told him I don't have any money and just see if I have the chance to go. Then Aimi told me that she was going with her friend Izzati...!!! Huhuhu...jealous =)

Two weeks before the game, I read in The Star that they are giving away 100 free tickets. All you have to do is to collect all the coupons in the paper for a week and claim the ticket at One Utama on Saturday (11-7-2009) between 11 AM to 1 PM. As it happens, that Saturday my uncle will have a Majlis Aqiqah for his newborn son and my family will go to Kuala Lumpur that Saturday. Besides that, One Utama is very close to my grandmother's house. I thought, this was my chance to get the free ticket! Hehehe....

We arrived at KL at around 10.30 AM and we went straight to Masjid Al-Ghufran, TTDI where the Majlis Aqiqah was held. After meeting all our relatives and reciting Surah Yasin and menjamu selera (the food was awesome!), I looked at my watch and it was 12.00 PM. One more hour to claim the ticket before the counter will be closed. Then I asked Aimi and Aida to follow me to One Utama. It took just about 10 minutes to One Utama. But, unfortunately it was a Saturday and the parking place will be packed with cars...huhu. It took me about 20 minutes to find a parking spot!!! I kept looking at my watch and now it was 12.40 PM..

Long story short, I arrived 2-3 minutes late and the counter was already closed....huhu. I was kinda upset for not getting the free ticket. On the way back, Aimi told me that she couldn't go to watch Man Utd next week because she has something else that cannot be avoided so she offered her ticket to me and called her friend Izzati to ask her whether she can sell me the ticket. But I was so looking forward to get the free ticket as it will save me RM58...hehehe...but thanks Aimi and Izzati!

For a week I planned on how to go to KL that weekend and where to stay and all that. My initial plan was to take the bus on Friday with my friend Shariff and stay at his house. But that plan cannot go through as he will be going to KL on Thursday because he had a training pass for the training session on Friday.

Before that, I told my friend Ashraf that I was going to see Man Utd and asked him to buy a ticket as well. After looking at many other options, I decided that on early Saturday morning I will follow Ayah to Serdang as he has a meeting there. We took off at 4.00 AM and picked up Pakcik Azraai and Pakcik Omar.

After having breakfast at Serdang, I took the KTM Komuter and went to Bangi. I texted Ashraf and told him I had arrived at Bangi and he came and picked me up. Before going back to his aunt's house, we stopped by KUIS and dropped off his friend. As Ashraf doesn't have a driving license yet, it was me who had to drive...haha. Took a shower, ate breakfast and watched TV until about 1.00 PM. Then went back to KUIS and bought a bag at the Pesta Konvo. About 1.30 PM, took the KTM Komuter to Bandar Tasek Selatan and from there took the LRT to Bukit Jalil.

Well, here are some pictures:

After the match, witch Man Utd won 3-2, Owen scored the winner!!! Yeah!. Ashraf and I went to the souvenir shop and bought a couple of Man Utd t-shirts which were on sale. What a bargain! When I was waiting for Ashraf, suddenly I felt a tap on the back and there was my ex roomate at KMJ, Azraain! Long time no see man...he came all the way from Terengganu. He's at UMT by the way but his home is at Ampang.

Then we went to the LRT Station to go home but as you can see by the last picture, the station was crowded with SOOOOO many people! The officials had to close the gates so that it didn't get too crowded but lastly they opened it anyway. I think they feared that the people in front will get crushed as the people behind kept pushing and pushing. Before that I called Ayah and asked him at what time does he planned to start going back to JB. He said at 9.o0 PM or more. Then I said that I wanted to go back with him but by the situation going on at the LRT Station, i doubted that I will arrive in time. Padahal Bandar Tasek Selatan dengan Serdang dekat sangat. Just one station away.

Then I decided that I cannot catch up with Ayah at 9.00 PM and I texted him that I'll be staying at Ashraf house for the night and take the bus the next morning. Actually kalau boleh tak nak naik bas, malas. Nak kena keluar duit lagi untuk tiket bas...huhu. So I bougth a ticket to Bangi instead. But then Ayah replied my text and he said that he was willing to wait for me until 10 PM because the meeting hasn't finished yet. Ok, a glimpse of hope then. But that hope nearly faded because we waited for the komuter for more than half an hour. It was nearly 10 when we got up the komuter. After about 10 minutes or so, I arrived at Serdang station and crossed the bridge and at exactly 10 PM I reached to where Ayah had the meeting. Fiuh! What a relief. I was all sweaty and straight away changed my shirt. Hahaha....

One of the reasons I want to go back to JB that day was to see off Kaklong, Abang Long and Layth to the airport as they will go back to Kelantan the next morning. I didn't want to miss it because it will be the last time I will get to see them before they went back to Austalia. Nak jumpa budak kecik tu...hehehe...