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A Happy Weekend

This weekend turned to be a pleasent and happy weekend for me. Yeah! Firstly, my final exams ended today at 5.00 PM...after that, we all went and took photos to make memories of our years at UTM...then the big one! The Manchester Derby!

Manchester City vs Manchester United
......where all are at stake. Both teams want a win not just because of local pride, but it will determine the season of each team! Very tense. I watched the match with my friends at our usual place, P19 a.k.a. FKE which many of us call it coz it's near to FKE (Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik). So, we watched it that may be the last time we can watch it together...huhu...and what a moment it was! The match was entering stoppage time and the scoreline was still 0-0...and in the 93rd minute, a winner by Paul Scholes! The place went crazy (me too! hahaha...) Sorry Ali..hehehe...he's a Man City fan but not since they become a rich club...hehe...he's a fan since we were in school...that's a true fan right t…