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It's been a long time since I wrote anything in this blog...the last time I wrote was like 2 months ago...haha...since then, didn't write any long well, here I plan to write all the things (well, almost all...) that happened...the 1st thing I wanna write is about our weekend in Kelantan. Me, Ayah, Mak, Kakngah, Aimi, Aida and Nenek went to Kelantan on 30 July 2010...Kaklong was back in Malaysia to attend Syurahbil's wedding...but she was just staying in Kelantan, tak sempat nak balik like Ayah said, "She can't come to Johor, so we'll bring Johor to her!" Hahaha....
On the 29th July, Mak and I went to KL to pick up Nenek and Aimi. But before that, we stopped by Kampung to pick up some rambutans....hehe...dekat 2 plastik we all kutip...hoho...juicy rambutans...after that, we went and picked up Aimi and went to Nenek's house in TTDI. Spent the night there, after Subuh we made our way to KLIA...Ayah was in Melaka attending a meeting a…

The Wait is Finally Over!


New World Champions



If you're a fan of The Lord Of The Rings and JRR Tolkien, you gotta watch these! Awesome!


most of you all know, I was involved in a car accident last week. Don't feel like writing the whole story though...but here are some images of the damages to the car.

The Fever Is Back!


Mukhayyam 2010

Mukhayyam 2010. Tarikhnya 28 Mei sampai 30 Mei 2010...seminggu sebelum mukhayyam tu terjadi kejadian yang hampir membuatku tidak dapat mengikuti mukhayyam. Kaki bengkak and sakit nak mati. Bangun-bangun tidur kaki sakit gila! Nak gerak pun tak boleh. Haiyya....macam mana ni? Pergi jumpa Doktor Maimunah dekat Sri Skudai. Dia kasi ubat bengkak and ubat sakit sendi. Hoho...terpaksa tak pergi Solat Jumaat sebab sakit, nak jalan pun tak mampu...huhuhu...A few days after that kaki semakin OK tapi still sakit kalau nak gerak. Jalan dah boleh lah.
Then hari Rabu pergi Hospital Sultanah Aminah. Pergi jumpa Doktor Wan. Dia check-check then dia suruh pergi kasi darah and x-ray. Results 9 Jun nanti baru tahu. In the meantime, dia kasi ubat painkillers and ubat sapu. 
So Jumaat tu mukhayyam start. Nasib baik start malam, ada lah masa untuk rehatkan kaki dulu sebelum kena "seksa" time mukhayyam....hahaha....Lepas dah siap packing semua, siap-siap lah nak gerak ke Sekolah Hidayah. Pergi deng…

Kings of Europe 2010

Congratulations to Inter Milan on becoming 2010 European Champions after beating Bayern Munich 0-2 with goals by Diego Milito. Here is a list of the previous champions since 1999:
1999: Manchester United 2000: Real Madrid 2001: Bayern Munich 2002: Real Madrid 2003: AC Milan 2004: Porto 2005: Liverpool 2006: Barcelona 2007: AC Milan 2008: Manchester United 2009: Barcelona 2010: Inter Milan

5 or 3?

Bayern Munich 4 times winner: 1974, 1975, 1976, 2001 Inter Milan 2 times winner: 1964, 1965

Can't Wait..!!

Hohoho...11 June 2010....World Cup 2010 will start on that day and I just can't wait...really excited...hehe...I started watching the World Cup since 1998 when France won it by beating Brazil 3-0....The World Cup is not like other fooball tournaments...I don't know, the feeling is different...

1998 - France
2002 - Brazil
2006 - Italy
2010 - ????

Who will be world champions this time? Have your say...

Jogjakarta: A Great Experience | Part 3

Ok, I think this will be the last part...hehe...I'll try to finish it all. Well, after the farewell meeting, we went back to the hotel and took a rest. That night mau keluar jalan-jalan lagi. We all plan nak pergi makan, so ramai-ramai jalan...dah macam budak sekolah la pulak...haha! So then, last-last satu group berpecah...ada satu group makan tempat lain, satu group makan tempat lain pulak. We all jalan along Jalan group makan dekat mall, satu lagi group makan dekat warung tepi jalan. Tu pun sebab tak jumpa cari group satu lagi. Nak call tapi tak beli pulak sim card Indonesia... But eventually we regroup and sambung jalan-jalan. Merayau je la...hahaha...See Jogja at night...quite nice...but ramai betol orang melepak...adoyai....kat tepi jalan ramai la orang jual sate ayam....but Prof Zaki warned us not to try the tepi jalan sate coz it may not be may be tikus or something else...ewwww...dah bakar sape tau kan...hehe....lepas dah penat, balik la hotel...

Jogjakarta: A Great Experience | Part 2

Ok, let's continue where we left off...lepas dah balik from jalan-jalan, balik bilik. We all plan nak tengok game Barcelona vs Inter Milan tu...dah semangat ni...tapi sorang-sorang tumbang, Nizar awal-awal lagi dah tidur, Shariff pula memang tengah stay up ni, ye ar dia sokong Barca masuk final....dia cakap nanti kalau game dah start, kejut dia. So, I waited up until the game started and lepas tu try la kejut Shariff. Dia bangun kejap then tidur balik...hahaha....tengok sorang-sorang je la nampaknya....but then again, sempat tengok sampai minit ke-30 je sebab lepas tu krrrooohhhhh......Zzzzzz....haha...pagi besok baru yang Barca kalah 3-2 on aggregate...hahahaha...yes! YES!!! So lepas dah siap-siap nak bertolak ke UGM, we all singgah dulu kat satu tempat ni...tempat ni orang selalu buat hajat...ada 2 pokok besar yang orang situ percaya boleh makbulkan hajat diorang....tapi kena datang waktu pagi-pagi buta...hohoho...So lepas dah amek gambar sume, terus ke UGM...ada 2nd kuliah. Thi…

Jogjakarta: A Great Experience | Part 1

Last week (26/4/2010 - 2/5/2010) I went to Jogjakarta or Yokyakarta or Djogdjakarta...hahaha so many types of spelling. Well, I went there for the UTM Global Outreach Program. Great experience, made many new friends...hehehe...Nizar, Shariff, Puva, Hajjar and How a.k.a Jasper were the only ones from my batch that joined. The others were 2nd year students and masters students. Dr Min was the coordinator of this program.
Our flight was on 26 April 2010 at 10.55 AM from Singapore. So we all have to get up very early that day. We all kena kumpul dekat FAB at around 6.30 AM. Dr Min dah pesan sejak hari tu lagi, jangan lewat...hehehe...but because of some setback, we all bertolak from UTM at 7.00 AM...(sorry Dr Min).
After all was settled, the bags were packed in the bus, we boarded the bus and I who was in charge to make sure all were on the bus started counting and make sure that there was all 24 people on board. Then off we go to Changi Airport. We all lalu jalan belakang, tak lalu Tambak …

A Happy Weekend

This weekend turned to be a pleasent and happy weekend for me. Yeah! Firstly, my final exams ended today at 5.00 PM...after that, we all went and took photos to make memories of our years at UTM...then the big one! The Manchester Derby!

Manchester City vs Manchester United
......where all are at stake. Both teams want a win not just because of local pride, but it will determine the season of each team! Very tense. I watched the match with my friends at our usual place, P19 a.k.a. FKE which many of us call it coz it's near to FKE (Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik). So, we watched it that may be the last time we can watch it together...huhu...and what a moment it was! The match was entering stoppage time and the scoreline was still 0-0...and in the 93rd minute, a winner by Paul Scholes! The place went crazy (me too! hahaha...) Sorry Ali..hehehe...he's a Man City fan but not since they become a rich club...hehe...he's a fan since we were in school...that's a true fan right t…




I'm very frustrated and down in the dumps right now....


Relax and Enjoy

Today I had a great day with my family. We started at home at 10.52 AM. We planned to eat breakfast at our usual favourite place, Restoran Lokman in Sri Skudai where they make the best Milo Ais in the world...! Unfortunately, it was still closed due to the holidays....sob3... But instead, we ate BK for our breakfast...hehehe....Double Mushroom Swiss, thank you!
We then went and try the new Senai-Desaru highway. Long story short, we went to Teluk Remunia. I've been there twice before this. First was in 2008 during the G7 Rehlah and the second was last year during PaLs Rehlah. After that, we went to Batu Layar, then Desaru. We "checked in" a resort there...hahaha.... We walked along the beach and breathe the fresh air that is very hard to get these days especially if you live in busy neighborhoods like Taman U which by the way is getting very crowded....It took me like 15 minutes just to go to Jusco which usually takes me just 5 minutes. Very stressful you know. So many ca…

Padan Muka

I just found out recently that the shop that I decided to boycott is now out of business!!! Hahaha...padan muka!!! Amek ko!!! To those that have no idea what I'm talking about, please read it here..... 
I was driving at Taman U the other day, and I glanced to that shop and saw that the signboard was replaced. Hahaha....and ever since I boycotted them, I always hoped that it will close soon...hahaha...well my wish came true! 
I think I'm gonna check out the new shop and make an impression of it....hehe....warning to other shops, don't make me hate your shop or your services.....or you will be next! Muahahaha!!!!


Image!!! You must watch it..!!! Watched it on Star World...but currently downloading from 1st episode....hehe... If you want to know what this story is all about, just click here.


Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj ibni Sultan Ismail
8 April 1932 - 22 January 2010

10 Years Ago


1st Post of the Year

This is my first post for 2010...!!! Yay!!! It's been 3 years since I started blogging...and here are my blogging statistics...hahaha...
2007 - number of posts = 4 2008 - number of posts = 24 2009 - number of posts = 39 2010 - number of posts = 1 (more to come...Insya-Allah...hehe)
My most commented post was the one entitled "Remember The Years" on 19th May 2009 with the total of 27 comments....thank you all..!!!