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An Outing To Batu Layar

Last Sunday (27/1/2008), my family and I went jalan-jalan but Mak didn't join us because she had tuition classes. We cannot watch tv because the tuition classes will be at the living room and since the tv is in the living room, well takkan la nak tengok tv time ada kelas...lagipun Mak memang tak kasi bukak tv punya time dia ada buat kelas...hahaha. So, we either sleep or use the computer. So, back to the main story. That day, we decided to go for an outing but we have to wait after 1 pm because Aida's tuition class finished at 1 pm. Ye lah...takkan nak tinggalkan dia pulak kan? Confirm dia merajuk and only God knows how long...hahaha. Our 1st stop was Giant Plentong to have our lunch and we ate Domino's Pizza...yummy!

After eating, we discussed where to go next and firstly we wanted to go to Kota Tinggi then on the way, the plan changed and we went to Batu Layar instead. It’s been a while since I last time went to Batu Layar and I wondered what it looks like now. The road …

Goals Galore...!!!

MANCHESTER UNITED 6-0 NEWCASTLE UNITED Incredible match! Well, if you're a Man Utd fan of course! The 1st half of the match was kinda frustrating coz the scoreline was 0-0 at half time. Wayne Rooney had many great chances during the 1st half but Shay Given always denied him. I guess during the half time team talk, Sir Alex must have done something coz during the 2nd half, they bagged in 6 goals passed Given. What a nightmare for a goalkeeper! It was a very special day for Cristiano Ronaldo as he scored his first ever hat-trick for Man Utd...but frustrating for Rooney as he didn't score but he has to been given some credit coz his pass for the 4th goal was superb where he picked up Rio Ferdinand and he scored beautifully...Cristiano Ronaldo (3), Carlos Tevez (2) and Rio Ferdinand grabbed the goals...