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An Outing To Batu Layar

Last Sunday (27/1/2008), my family and I went jalan-jalan but Mak didn't join us because she had tuition classes. We cannot watch tv because the tuition classes will be at the living room and since the tv is in the living room, well takkan la nak tengok tv time ada kelas...lagipun Mak memang tak kasi bukak tv punya time dia ada buat kelas...hahaha. So, we either sleep or use the computer. So, back to the main story. That day, we decided to go for an outing but we have to wait after 1 pm because Aida's tuition class finished at 1 pm. Ye lah...takkan nak tinggalkan dia pulak kan? Confirm dia merajuk and only God knows how long...hahaha. Our 1st stop was Giant Plentong to have our lunch and we ate Domino's Pizza...yummy!

After eating, we discussed where to go next and firstly we wanted to go to Kota Tinggi then on the way, the plan changed and we went to Batu Layar instead. It’s been a while since I last time went to Batu Layar and I wondered what it looks like now. The road to Batu Layar now was better than before. Sebelum ni jalan dia bukan jalan tar, tapi jalan yang banyak batu-batu. When we arrived, there were quite a number of families yang tengah picnic dekat pantai tu. Then, we went to see the so called Batu Layar because the rock is shaped like a ship’s sail and that is why it is called Batu Layar. Sadly, the resort was now abandoned and it looks like it is out of business. The Batu Layar looks like it has shrunken because it looks smaller than the last time I saw it which was about 5 to 6 years ago. After that, Ayah parked and we all went to the beach and dipped our feet in the water. Uish, bukan selalu dapat pergi pantai dekat Johor ni. Rasa rugi pulak tak bawak baju mandi, kalau tak boleh kitorang mandi laut…hehehe. Ayah and Aida went and collected sea shells while Kakngah and Aimi pergi ambik gambar sambil posing-posing…hahahaha. While I just took a walk along the beach and sometimes I threw some rocks into the sea. Then I joined Ayah and Aida searching for sea shells and then I found something unusual that I didn’t know what the heck it was. At first I thought it was some kind of polystyrene but when I picked it up and turned it over, it looked like it was some kind of…well I’m not exactly sure what was it but I’m sure it wasn’t a polystyrene alright and it looked like it was bitten because it had what looked like teeth marks on it. I kept wondering what is was but lastly I just threw it away back on the beach. Then it was time to go back home. It was about 6.35 PM at that time and man we were tired. Ayah said he enjoyed the outing sebab kalau dekat rumah, mesti tido je dalam bilik…hahaha.

:: Here in Batu Layar ::

:: Hahaha...what am I doing?? ::

:: Kakngah and Aimi ::

:: Can you see the 'Batu Layar'? ::

:: This is the thing I found ::

We ate dinner at Restu Seafood kat Senai. Actually dah lama we all tak pergi makan kat situ...hahaha. Dulu memang selalu makan kat situ. We then ordered the usual when eating at a seafood restaurant, nasi putih, ikan siakap masak kicap, sotong goreng tepung, udang masak butter, telur dadar, sup tulang and kalian ikan masin for Ayah. Time tengah tunggu makanan sampai, tetiba akak waiter tu datang bawak bubur as-syura kasi kat kitorang, dia kata tauke restoran tu kasi…hehehe. We all tak pernah makan bubur tu sebelum ni, tu yang pelik je kitorang tengok bubur tu sebab bubur bentuk pepejal empat segi warna coklat…hahaha. But then I tried some and rasa dia takde la sedap sangat, kalau makan tak rasa macam nak lagi…hahaha. But then, the tauke tu pun datang kat meja kitorang. Dia berbual-bual ngan Ayah. Ye la, Ayah kan orang Kelantan, tauke tu pun orang Kelantan gak. Dia pun cerita la hari tu ada perjumpaan orang-orang Kelantan and semua dapat bubur as-syura tu. In the meantime, I just kept eating the bubur eventhough I didn’t quite like it, ye la….kalau tak makan, kang kecik hati pulak tauke tu…hehehe. When he saw me ‘enjoying’ the bubur, dia pun tanya sedap tak bubur tu? I said sedap-sedap…hahahaha. Dia kata sebab tak ramai orang biasa makan bubur as-syura tu….hahahaha (yeah, me too). Then, our food arrived. Time nak habis makan tu, tetiba akak yang tadi tu datang lagi. This time dia bawak buah pulak, ada tembikai, papaya ngan belimbing, kata tauke tu kasi lagi….hahahaha. Pemurah betol tauke tu…hehehe. After that, we all went back home. Malam tu ada match, Man Utd vs Tottenham. Ayah predicted the result will be either a draw or Man Utd lose by one goal…hahaha. Well, he was wrong alright because Man Utd won by 3 -1…tu pun Spurs score dulu…hahaha. When the match was over, I went straight to bed and slept soundly…ZzZzZzZz….hehehe.

Goals Galore...!!!


Incredible match! Well, if you're a Man Utd fan of course! The 1st half of the match was kinda frustrating coz the scoreline was 0-0 at half time. Wayne Rooney had many great chances during the 1st half but Shay Given always denied him. I guess during the half time team talk, Sir Alex must have done something coz during the 2nd half, they bagged in 6 goals passed Given. What a nightmare for a goalkeeper! It was a very special day for Cristiano Ronaldo as he scored his first ever hat-trick for Man Utd...but frustrating for Rooney as he didn't score but he has to been given some credit coz his pass for the 4th goal was superb where he picked up Rio Ferdinand and he scored beautifully...Cristiano Ronaldo (3), Carlos Tevez (2) and Rio Ferdinand grabbed the goals...